About Lufrano Legal: Your Jacksonville Criminal Defense Law Firm

Our Mission

At Lufrano Legal, P.A. our central focus has been, and will always be, on our clients. This is why our firm is dedicated to providing the highest caliber legal representation at the pre-trial, trial and if needed sentencing phase of the criminal process. As such, Mr. Lufrano prides himself on being easily accessible, taking the time to thoroughly educate each client about their case, and working with the client to develop a strategy that syncs up with the client’s ultimate goals. All of which we do at Lufrano Legal because your case matters to us.

Our Story

The firm of Lufrano Legal, P.A. has deep roots within the Northeast Florida legal community, having opened its doors in 2014 under the name of Johnson and Lufrano, P.A. At that time the firm was the dream of Matthew Lufrano and Diana Johnson, two criminal defense attorneys that wanted to build a practice dedicated to vigorously fighting to defend the accused in Northeast Florida. To further that goal during the firm’s life both Mr. Lufrano and Ms. Johnson were recognized by the Florida Bar as Board Certified Experts in various aspects of Criminal Law. Then in 2020 following the passing of her mentor, Ms. Johnson departed the firm to serve as the Director of Juvenile Defense for the 4th Circuit Office of the Public Defender, at which time Mr. Lufrano renamed the firm Lufrano Legal, P.A. It is as as the owner and operator of Lufrano Legal that Mr. Lufrano continues to carry on the firm’s vision of providing expert criminal defense to those facing prosecution in Northeast Florida.

Why You Should Choose Lufrano Legal, P.A.

  • Here at Lufrano Legal, P.A. we are dedicated to providing clients with quality representation at the pre-trial, trial and if needed sentencing phase of the criminal process.
  • The Firm believes that providing clients with a comprehensive view of the entire criminal justice system makes it easier to point out potential roadblocks and discuss with clients on how best to overcome them.
  • Whether charged with a misdemeanor, juvenile, or felony offense, you can expect a vigorous and thorough defense with Lufrano Legal, P.A. No matter what the charge Mr. Lufrano treats each case with the same level of dedication.
  • Maintaining client contact is a priority here at Lufrano Legal, P.A. To ensure that our clients never have to struggle to speak with an attorney one is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Additionally, Matthew Lufrano is a Board Certified Expert in Criminal Trial Law and has tried 75 jury trials to verdict. So if you want an attorney with experience and know-how call the Jacksonville criminal lawyers of Lufrano Legal, P.A.