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At Johnson and Lufrano, P.A. our attorneys handle criminal and protective injunction appeals. So if you’ve recently lost a trial, pled after a dispositive motion was denied, or had an injunction granted against you, call us today!

What is an Appeal?


  • An appeal is a request that a higher court grant some relief that was denied by a lower court and this request is made through the drafting of written arguments known as briefs.
  • Appeals most typically occur following a conviction at trial, but unlike a new trial, in an appeal no new evidence is put before the higher court.
  • In every appeal, relief must be based on something that did or did not occur at the trial level where a particular occurrence or failure of something to occur constitutes error for which relief should be granted.
  • Following a successful appeal an appellate court could grant a new trial, grant a new sentencing hearing, or in some circumstances dismiss a count or charge altogether.


What is the Time Frame for an Appeal?

  • Timing is critical when it comes to an appeal and if you wait too long you may very well lose your chance for relief.
  • A Defendant has 30 days following the date he or she was sentenced within which to file for an appeal. So, if you or a loved one’s case recently ended don’t wait to contact an attorney who can help, call us today.